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Oil & Gas:
Globally there has been observed shift towards cleaner fuel to power up the nations energy requirements. One of the most important natural resources available to the mankind today is also the most depleting source of energy. The industry is aware of the challenges they are upto with this new focus on renewable energy coming in as an alternate fuel source and the bludgeoning costs of exploration. In order to address these challenges and to progress towards a cleaner and leaner form are in a constant reform mode vis a vis technology upgradation to keep themselves ahead of the curve. They have been very proactive to make use of software to understand the geochemical conditions at the sites of drilling, extracting the available crude and shale oils reserves to make the best of the investments.

There is a lost of investment happening in research and innovation in the oil refineries to understand the components of the raw feedstock to qualitatively extracting fuel for various applications. Since most of these experiments can be highly energy intensive and risk intensive considering the temperatures and pressures involved software has been employed to understand molecular interactions while the feedstock is upgraded so that stye can effective extract the most from the crude. There is a lot of investment happening in upstream.

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